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Winnie B's Vintage Emporium

Winnie B’s

Vintage doesn't get more bold than this. A quirky, retro brand for a quirky, retro shop.

Winnie B's Vintage Emporium

Winnie B’s started out as a single vintage shop located in Sault Ste. Marie, and soon after opened up a second shop just a few doors down.


The owner of Winnie B’s Vintage Emporium (who, by the way, happens to be my Mother-in-law) has been in the business of vintage & antiques for quite a few years and has a good eye for picking pieces her patrons will love.


Winnie B’s Originals focuses on original goods from Canadian and global artisans.

I was tasked with designing visuals for the two brands. Needless to say, I had some fun with a funky teal, and a free-spirited shade of salmon.

The brand visuals are designed to be largely the same, sporting the same “Winnie B’s” logotype, and differentiating only in colour and supporting typography.

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