Café Natüra

Café Natüra was a local whole food eatery and nutraceutical dispensary in downtown Sault Ste. Marie. As an avid appreciator of their coffee and healthy foods, I was excited to be able to work with them. By working closely with Kelly, the cafe’s owner, I was able to bring the visual identity from concept to reality.

Café Natüra menus, in print and accessible via the website.

I designed a menu & takeout menu, a fully-responsive website, as well as various promotional and practical materials such as ads, gift cards, letterhead, signage, and more. The website, as well as displaying the full menu online, shows the daily special.

One issue that Kelly expressed to me was that she didn’t have enough time to update everything with new information on a consistent basis. So I set out to streamline everything. I assembled a system so that, with a single text message, she could update her website, her facebook page, and her twitter account. Kelly went from not having enough time to update her facebook page, to updating everything on the go, right from her phone.

Café Natüra website.

[Eric] upgraded my website from a format that was tedious for me to edit and update to an easy to use, convenient format. I brag to everyone that I can now update my website, my Facebook page and my Twitter account all through one easy text message.

Kelly Burton, owner/operator of Café Natüra

A person holding up a Café Natüra gift card.
Gift card. Photo by Sophia Stone.
Café Natüra takeout menu
Takeout menu.

He was able to listen to what I was looking for and then create a concept based on my requirements. Eric’s skill in graphic design has made my online presence much more powerful and current. His knowledge and talent make him a delight to work with.

Kelly Burton, owner/operator of Café Natüra

It’s been a pleasure working with Kelly so far, and I am looking forward to what we will do together next!