Rainbow Six: Siege is an esport. If you know anything about sports (e- or otherwise), you know how deep the fandom goes.

Enter SiegeGG

SiegeGG’s main role in the community is providing stats and analysis on the esports scene.

The website allows people to keep up to date with players, teams, matches, and tournaments.

I worked with SiegeGG for 3 years to improve the design and front-end development of the website.

My involvement introduced me to new development tools, environments, and languages. It gave me experience collaborating with teams across time zones, gaining valuable feedback from people who may not be used to it, and experience designing with statistical data in creative and useful ways.

Website redesign


My first steps after joining the team were to improve the general aesthetic of the website. The branding was inconsistent across the platforms, making it difficult to feel like a professional publication.

An early 2018 prototype, before I came on board


The redesigned homepage built on past successes: pulling together features from around the website to showcase interesting stats, news, and recent matches.

A major goal of mine from the beginning was to create a design system that could be reused and extended as new features are built. Not too static that it gets in the way, but not too flexible that it loses its identity.

A screenshot of the homepage at as of May 2021

During my time with SiegeGG, we consistently iterated—redesigning the redesign—evolving the website to be more useful and clear.

The website is designed in “dark mode” because, well, gamers.

The ever-important match stats table.
A screenshot of the team page for Team Empire (as of March 2020)

From 2018, SiegeGG’s traffic and presence in the scene has skyrocketed. In early 2020, our work was recognized in the form of a video at the Six Invitational (Rainbow Six’s largest esports and community event, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers online and in-person). The mini-documentary followed SiegeGG’s CEO, showing his impact and dedication to the scene.

In 2021, SiegeGG was acquired by Gfinity, a UK-based esports event organizer.